About Textractor text extraction tool

What is Textractor?

Textractor is een free tool to extract all relevant text from an article page. The tool is set up to process pages that are about a single article and is not suited for home-, overview- or other kind of webpages.

Why for free?

Why not.

Does it work?

Pretty good. One of our websites fully relies on this product, see InHetNieuws.nl. It is in Dutch however.

Is it still under development?

More or less. Not on a daily basis, but whenever we see a chance to improve Textractor we will update it.

Can I also make use of Textractor?

Ofcourse. Use Textractor by supplying an article url on our homepage, or make use of our API. Using the website and the API is based on fair use policy. If you get too excited we will block you.